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Hmmm, not much to say. I guess i'm kind of a nerd actually. haha. Well, first and foremost, i love Jesus Christ. I always will. He's been working wonderful miracles in my life and I will never turn my back on Him. Let's see, what else? Ummmmm...i like cows *giggle* oh, and i like anime (full metal alchemist fans unite!!), i love to cook, especially baking. i wish i could professionally decorate cakes. that would be so awesome!! I love the spanish culture and language. I prefer going to movie theatres than renting movies. I like biology and chemistry. I was valedictorian of my high school class. I like to read. I'm not to big on the party scene. I guess that kind of makes me a boring person. I'm one of those rare Black people who likes rock over R&B. I'm kinda different. But don't get me wrong, i like being me :-D Hmm, well you can leave a post if you want to friend me/be friended and give a little explanation on why you want to be my friend. But I'm a pretty nice and decent person, so as long as you are nice and decent, you'll more than likely be added too. So basically vulgar cruel people might as well not even bother, haha.

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christian music is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

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both made by ME!!

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not sure who this is made by. If you know, please tell me!!!

New England Patriots are Love

Jesus is Love

Lemony Snicket is Love

Cows Are Love

all above color bars came from justaredherring

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made by tamakins8604

Cloud is love

Advent Children is love

Kadaj is love

Reno is love

Yazoo is love

Loz is love

The silver hairs is love

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Naruto is love

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Kakashi is love

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Gaara is love

above made by alwssa

as of July 3, 2006: Layout Image courtesy of someone on Photobucket called Mystylakequeen.